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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cough, Cough

Have very bad summer cold.

Still packing for move in two weeks.

Writing on hold until I get moved and over this cold.

Also hot and sticky here.

No A/C at current residence.

New place has central A/C.

Can't wait.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pirates and Snoopy

Another busy weekend. Lots of writing, lots of throwing out and packing.

I would, however, like to recommend two books.

The first book is Snoopy's Guide to the Writing Life. This book is a collection of Peanuts comic panels that feature Snoopy as an aspiring author.

I read this book whenever I find myself getting depressed or taking this insane writing business too seriously. It is laugh-out-loud funny and some of the experiences that Snoopy undergoes in his quest to get published are ones all writers can relate to. There are also essays interpersed through the book from both fiction and non-fiction writers. To be honest, I've yet to read the essays. I'm usually laughing too hard reading the comics.

The second book is The Pirate Primer published by Writer's Digest Books. I got a copy of the book from the library just yesterday but I plan to purchase it. Why? Well, for one thing it's a fantastic book. It's got nautical terms, insults, curses, a lexicon of pirate words, cultural terms, toasts, etc.

I wish all books were arranged as neatly as this book is. Need to know a pirate curse? There's a section on that. There's even sections on pirate grammar. So if you just want to talk like a pirate, Arrrgh!, or you want to write a pirate story, this is a great reference to have.

Okay, I've got to go. I've got loads more packing and throwing away of stuff to do and I've got to get my writing in for the weekend before Monday is here in all its terrible glory and I have to go back to the mind-numbing EDJ.

Ciao and have a great rest of the weekend and a great week!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Update

Since I'm going to be moving at the end of the month my upcoming weekends will be very busy with throwing stuff out and packing up whatever is left over. In addition, I have three writing projects I need to get out at least by the end of July.

I'm doing a lot of non-fiction reading in preparation for the novel I want to start writing in August. By then I will have submitted all my short story projects that have upcoming deadlines.

Still watching my Stargate SG1 episodes on DVD. Almost finished with Season 1. Oh, and I'm in love with Dr. Daniel Jackson. *grin*

Saw Pirates 3 on Thursday thanks to my son who took me with him allowing me free admission and food. I liked it a lot better than Pirates 2 but Pirates 1 is still my fave. But, I will say that Orlando Bloom, who always ran second IMHO to Johnny Depp in terms of hotness in the Pirates movies, comes into his own hot self by the end of Pirates 3. *fanning self*

Also, if you haven't yet seen Pirates 3 make sure you stay for the end of the credits. There's an extra scene at the end that's really lovely.